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Who we are

Auckland City Lawns - Lawnmowing ServicesWe are the team you can trust with over 200 years experience  We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service, treating your property as if it was our own. Whether you have a job that requires our entire team, or it’s as small as clearing some weeds, trust us for hassle free reliable service.

Whether you just don’t enjoy gardening, or mowing the lawns has just become the ultimate chore, Auckland City Lawns will take the backache out of property maintenance and tidying. Whether you need a one off job or annual maintenance, all our services can be tailored to meet your needs.

Auckland City Lawns - Lawnmowing ServicesWe are a local company based in Auckland, that have the highest operator retention level in the country because we look after our Operators and therefore they look after you.

Meet Our Management Team

Ian (Owner and Creator of Auckland City Lawns)

With over 18 years experience in property maintenance management, Ian is the best in the business. Born in Auckland, raised in Ponsonby. Attended Ponsonby Primary school, where the School Motto  was “Steadfast and True” which says it all. In 1995 Ian purchased a franchise with Green Acres as an owner operator in lawnmowing and gardening, then also purchased the Area Managership in 1998. Over a period of time Ian found the agreements became unfair to the operators and area managers. Ian and 46 / 47 operators chose to rebrand and A.C.L. was created. This A.C.L team has serviced Auckland Central since 1992 and will continue to do so as all our operators are well known, honest and reliable. Ian has managed thousands of properties over the years and has always had raving feedback. Security checking all of his operators he is the manager you can trust. Making sure he always completes work to the same standard as he would on his own property, you can trust you are getting quality work every time.



Is our ‘go to girl’ for any queries or inquiries she has over 7 years experience in the industry, and has also worked as an operator so knows exactly what each job entails. Her excellent knowledge and background in helping customers makes her the perfect person to look after you. We are people people that love what we do so pick up the phone and dial us today on 0800 62-92-033 or office 629-2222 for your free appraisal.


Meet some of the Team:

Each operator has been loyal and helpful to the whole of Auckland Central clientele since 1992. We all have a wealth of knowledge and expertize in this line of business. We are approachable and now offer our services to the wider part of Auckland. Our promise is to give each customer value for money every time.

Acukland City Lawns Team Member